History: founders and developers of True USD


True USD (TUSD) is an up-and-coming stablecoin that has taken the cryptocurrency market by storm. With features such as full collateralization and minimal transaction fees, it’s easy to see why so many people are raving about TUSD. However, in order to fully appreciate this revolutionary crypto asset, it’s important that we take a closer look into its developers and founders who have made all of this possible. This article will explore the backstory of TUSD – from conception through development – giving us greater insight on how far they’ve come since their initial launch!

Founding and Early Development

In 2017, Rafael Cosman and Stephen Kade founded TrustToken with the ambition of creating a stablecoin that could bring stability and assurance to the ever-shifting cryptocurrency market. Both entrepreneurs previously had experience in tech industry, having identified the untapped potential for True USD from their expertise.

At the start of 2018, TrustToken heralded the commencement of True USD – a collateralized stablecoin backed by real US dollars. To create this revolutionary token, their team worked industriously to put in place all the components required for its success: from forming partnerships with banks who would guarantee dollar reserves to engineering smart contracts that powered the coin.

Since True USD’s launch in March 2018, it has become a hit among traders and investors who desired an alternative to the rapidly fluctuating crypto markets. It provides them with security and stability during their investments.

Team and Leadership

The TrustToken team consists of a variety of professionals from finance, technology and entrepreneurial backgrounds who have come together to make True USD an incredible success.

Rafael Cosman, the innovative CEO and co-founder of TrustToken, has a background that combines finance and technology. Before founding TrustToken, he was in venture capital investing in tech startups from their earliest stages. Additionally, Rafael developed a healthcare technology enterprise utilizing machine learning to advance patient outcomes.

Stephen Kade, the other co-creator of TrustToken, is a software expert and enterprising leader with an educational background in computer science. He has been actively involved in various tech initiatives – from building a virtual reality platform to developing an AI-powered trading network.

The TrustToken team is made up of Alex Liu, Chief Strategy Officer with a financial background and experience working for banking giants such as Goldman Sachs and McKinsey & Company; Tory Reiss, the Chief Operating Officer who has expertise in law and entrepreneurship; along with Ryan Rodenbaugh, our expert CTO boasting software engineering credentials from Microsoft and Amazon.

Leveraging their expansive knowledge in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship, the TrustToken team has successfully grown True USD into one of the most widely used stablecoins on the market.

Recent Developments

Since its inception in 2018, True USD has seen exponential growth and expansion. In 2019 alone, TrustToken launched two new additions to the stablecoin family: TrueGBP tied to the British pound and TrueAUD linked with the Australian dollar. With these fresh arrivals, it is no surprise that global citizens are now able to securely store their funds using an array of fiat-backed digital currencies.

In 2020, TrustToken proudly declared that it had successfully secured a whopping $12.5 million in Series A funding led by BlockTower Capital. With this money, TrustToken aims to build on its current team and infrastructure while also innovating new products and services for users worldwide.

TrustToken has developed a revolutionary platform called TrustExplorer, providing users with crucial real-time data and analytics on the True USD blockchain. By offering an unprecedented level of transparency into the functioning of this currency, consumers can trust their investments and feel secure in using True USD for their transactions. This enables increased confidence within the ecosystem as well as ensuring greater stability for its stablecoins.


The True USD has become one of the most trusted digital currencies in the market thanks to its founders and developers, Rafael Cosman and Stephen Kade, as well as their TrustToken team. Their backgrounds are drenched in knowledge about finance, technology, and entrepreneurship – all necessary elements for crafting a successful stablecoin such as TrueUSD.

True USD has risen to the top as a dependable, safe option for individuals interested in cryptocurrency trading and investing. The entire collateralization alongside its low transaction costs, along with the regulated KYC processes have encouraged confidence in this currency which has resulted in an extensive utilization of it. Stability is what traders and investors need most these days when dealing with cryptocurrencies–True USD ensures just that!

Looking to the future, the TrustToken team is hard at work creating innovative products and services that will expand upon the True USD ecosystem. Thanks to a strong management structure and an elite squad of creatives, True USD has unrivalled potential for growth and development – offering investors and traders a dependable substitute to traditional currencies.

Ultimately, the journey of True USD is a reflection of its founders’ ideals and devotion. It all started as an ambitious concept for a stablecoin but has established itself as one of the most popular and trusted digital currencies available today. The TrustToken team’s commitment to transparency, security, and stability have helped foster trust in this currency; these values are sure to spur continued growth into the future.