What makes True USD (TUSD) unique?


As cryptocurrency continues to take the world by storm, reliable and secure options such as True USD (TUSD) have become increasingly sought-after. Not only does TUSD stand apart from other stablecoins due to its unique features, but it has also quickly gained traction with traders and investors alike. In this article we will delve into why TUSD is so remarkable – what sets it far above its competitors? Let’s find out!

Fully Collateralized

What truly separates True USD from other stablecoins is that, for each coin currently in circulation, there are equivalent US dollars held as collateral. This enables the asset to remain valuable and consistent with its value since it is supported by a physical resource.

In stark contrast to other stablecoins, such as Tether (USDT), True USD provides transparency and assurance that it is fully backed by US dollars. Through regular attestations from third-party auditors, users can be confident that their True USD is guaranteed with the amount of US dollars held in reserve indicated. The open disclosure ensures trust between customers and reduces any fear of insolvency or deception.


True USD is built on the Ethereum blockchain, providing users with an unparalleled degree of autonomy and control over their finances. Decentralization means transactions are operated without reliance upon any central authority, eliminating risk of external censorship or manipulation from outside sources.

Bypassing cumbersome restrictions and regulations from typical banking systems, True USD provides users with immediate access to their own funds. Easy to use and secure transactions are enabled without the need for any intermediary steps or processes. Enjoy greater control over your money today by utilizing True USD!

Low Transaction Fees

True USD stands out from other cryptocurrencies due to its incredibly low transaction fees. Not only are these transactions faster than those of competing digital currencies, but they are also more economical – making it a great choice for anyone seeking an efficient and affordable way to move funds.

Traders and investors who want to minimize their transaction costs should look no further than True USD, as its low and predictable fees remain unchanged even during times of high network congestion. This is in stark contrast with other cryptocurrencies that charge exorbitant fees when the network experiences strain.

Regulated KYC Process

Combining the ideals of decentralization and autonomy, True USD insists on a regulated Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This ascertains that all users must provide their personal information to an outside party for identity verification prior to purchasing or redeeming True USD tokens.

Users may be worried about giving away personal data, yet the KYC process ensures that True USD follows regulations while also reducing risks of money laundering and terrorist financing. Moreover, this regulated procedure provides an added layer of protection against fraud or theft.

Growing Adoption

In comparison to other well-known stablecoins like Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC), True USD may not be as widely used, yet its popularity has been steadily rising in recent years. This can be attributed to the exceptional features of True USD such as full collateralization, decentralization, and low transaction fees which provides a safe and secure platform for digital asset transactions.

With more and more traders and investors searching for dependable options beyond conventional currencies, True USD is primed to become a major participant in the world of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, as its utilization continues to rise, so too will its approval among mainstream financial institutions and services.


Decentralized, fully collateralized and possessing a low-fee transaction structure, True USD is setting itself apart from the other stablecoins in the market. By providing traders and investors with reliable alternatives to traditional currencies through its regulated KYC process and growing adoption rate, this stablecoin proves just how attractive it can be for those looking for stability.

As the crypto realm continues to progress, True USD is poised to be an even more essential tool for transferring funds safely and dependably. Boasting a secure backing from US dollars as well as transparency of transactions, True USD has become a primary choice for investors looking to safeguard their investments against any market volatility or fluxes.

Furthermore, the usage of blockchain technology renders True USD both secure and transparent. This permits users to monitor their transactions as well as check on their holdings without fail. The lack of a central entity governing the network further fortifies user privacy by avoiding any censorship or interference.

The regulated KYC process used by True USD provides an added layer of security, ensuring that the currency is compliant with regulations and preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. This process also helps to build trust among users and financial institutions, which is essential for the widespread adoption of stablecoins.

Overall, True USD’s unique features, combined with its growing adoption and popularity, make it a promising stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market. Its full collateralization, decentralization, low transaction fees, regulated KYC process, and transparency make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a stable and reliable alternative to traditional currencies. As more investors and businesses adopt True USD, it is likely to become an even more valuable and essential player in the cryptocurrency market.

True USD (TUSD) Overview


As the world of cryptocurrency expands, stablecoins have become increasingly sought after by investors and traders. Enter True USD (TUSD) – a reliable, secure option for all your crypto needs. Here we’ll explore this token’s features, benefits, and drawbacks to help you make an informed decision about investing in TUSD.

What is True USD?

Bolstering the cryptocurrency world, True USD (TUSD) has emerged. Developed by TrustToken and launched in March 2018, this stablecoin is pegged to the US dollar – providing a reliable alternative for those seeking stability amid other volatile cryptocurrencies.

True USD is a stablecoin built on the Ethereum blockchain, and its value remains steady due to every token being backed by an equivalent amount of US Dollars held in reserve. This ensures that it won’t be subject to the same considerable market fluctuations experienced by other cryptocurrencies.

How does True USD work?

True USD is a straightforward process to understand. When someone desires to buy True USD, they must go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure for identity verification before proceeding. After their identity has been authenticated, users can then purchase True USD when sending US dollars directly to one of TrustToken’s partner banks. These funds are securely held in reserve and an equivalent amount of True USD will be allocated to the user instantly.

To redeem their True USD for US dollars, a user simply sends their tokens to TrustToken and the equivalent amount of money is immediately transferred into their bank account.

To make sure that the number of True USDs in circulation is always equal to or greater than its dollar reserve, the process is made completely clear and inspected by independent auditing companies.

Advantages of True USD:

  1. Stability: True USD stands apart due to its unwavering stability. As a collateralized stablecoin, it’s consistently worth the same amount over time, making it an ideal choice for traders and investors who prefer not to deal with cryptocurrency unpredictability.
  2. Transparency: TrustToken offers consistent verifications from third-party auditors, revealing the amount of US dollars accessible to back up their True USD circulation. This level of clarity ensures that users can trust in the fact that their True USD has a full coverage behind it with US dollar reserves.
  3. Fast transactions: Transactions made with True USD are incredibly swift and the transaction fees associated with it are significantly more affordable than other cryptocurrency options. These features make this currency an ideal choice for individuals seeking to transfer funds quickly without breaking their budget.
  4. Decentralized: By leveraging Ethereum’s blockchain technology, True USD presents users with complete autonomy over their finances―all whilst minimizing the likelihood of fraud and other malevolent actions. Thanks to decentralization, no central authority can interfere in user transactions or impose restrictions on them.

Limitations of True USD:

  1. Centralized KYC process: Although the process of buying and spending True USD is decentralized, the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure remains centralized. This could be a potential issue for users who prioritize their privacy due to needing to hand over personal information to an external party.
  2. Limited adoption: True USD has seen substantial growth, but it is not accepted as widely in the marketplace as other stablecoins like Tether (USDT) or USD Coin (USDC). This could mean that using and trading with it may be more of a challenge.
  3. Limited use cases: True USD is mainly used to trade and invest, however it can also be utilized for payments or remittance transfers. Even though these functions are available, acceptance of this cryptocurrency might not be as common compared to other crypto options.


True USD is the ideal choice for traders and investors seeking a stable crypto asset that does not suffer from extreme volatility. With full collateralization, transparency, and freedom from any central authority, it offers an array of advantages compared to other cryptocurrencies – including fast transaction times as well as KYC processes. Despite some limitations in terms of adoption levels, its stability and reliability makes it an attractive option whenever quick transfers with security are desired.

As the crypto market advances, stablecoins such as True USD are likely to become ever more critical. With an increasingly growing need for reliable and consistent options that can replace traditional currencies, it’s evident that True USD and other comparable coins will have a pivotal role in the financial sector of tomorrow.

In closing, True USD is a strong stablecoin with admirable qualities such as stability, transparency and swift transactions that make it an enticing option for traders and investors. Despite some potential limitations, this cryptocurrency offers numerous benefits making it a viable substitute to other cryptocurrencies. As finance further develops in the coming years, it will be captivating to observe how True USD and its rivaling stablecoins influence the growth of this industry moving forward.